Monday, May 14, 2012

The Art Delivered Artists

It was tricky getting a common date when all the group could be together for the photo but we did it!!! Everyone is so busy especially since it was the day before the big studio tour in the area. Fortunately our photographer, Mario Cerroni, who was also in the studio tour managed to come out to my home to take the photo. Thanks Mario!!!


  1. Catherine This is a wonderful thing you are doing for artists and I wish you and the other artists much success with this. I remember when you first started discussing the idea and I have been following quietly, or should I say as quietly as I could lol. You have surely come a long way thanks to your persistence and knowledge. There are not many out there who can achieve what you have accomplished already in such a short period of time. I can see that you truly are a master at utilizing the internet and have a passion for art as well as helping other artists. Congratulations on a job well done....or should I say, a new beginning?

  2. Thanks Arthur for your very kind words. We are hoping for more subscribers to join us soon. Everyone who has joined us so far have been very happy with the art that they have recieved.