Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's the difference?

The Art Delivered artists are not the first to offer their art by subscription. So, you ask, what's the big difference? The difference is that this group of artists offer to send you a different artist's painting each time whereas most artist subscriptions are a subscription to only one artist's work. PLUS almost all the time these pieces are reproductions. They are just prints of the art. With Art Delivered it is the ORIGINAL painting that you recieve.

AND what makes Art Delivered REALLY stand out in the crowd is that the subscriber fills in an art style survey; then based on that survey the Curator selects the paintings that the subscriber will recieve. So every package contains a surprise. Each piece is matched to the previous piece in either style, or colour or surface treatment. This way your collection will look great together as a set or equally as wonderful hung individually in nooks & crannies throughout the house.

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