Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Favours and Wedding Party Gifts

Make your wedding guests into ART COLLECTORS with original one-of-a-kind Art Delivered paintings. Every painting is on a gallery depth or regular profile canvas or cradle board. Picture it; an individual original work of art for each and every guest at your wedding. Like your wedding, each painting is an original, not a print or copy.
In as much as Art Delivered's mandate is to fulfil art subscriptions, we also customize our service for unique ideas. We customize for real estate agent gifts, corporate client gifts, etc. So why not Wedding Favours? Or Wedding Party gifts? Or Clergy thank you gifts?

Suggested customizing...
  • Some couples will prefer to only buy the Art Delivered paintings for their wedding party, parents or grandparents, clergy or special wedding helpers.
  • Some couples use the Art Delivered paintings as table centre pieces. It is suggested to group 3 paintings per table with a 3 rose bud vase in the middle then offer them as a take home to three guests with prize numbers under their dinner plates.
  • Further customization is completely in the hands of the Wedding planner and can be discussed in detail with Art Delivered.
Art Delivered's wedding favours are suitable for smaller more intimate weddings with fewer than 100 guests.

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