Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why paint smaller than "usual" paintings for sale?

Smaller paintings for sale are more affordable but for the Art Delivered artists it's more than just the size and the sale that are important.

The idea to paint small format works of art for a painting subscription service was the brainchild of Catherine Gutsche an Ottawa mixed media artist. She loved trying out new mixed media art techniques, fresh colour palettes and unusual media on non-threateningly sized canvases. Not all samples work out the first time but that is part of the challenge of any painting. When its not working you stare at it and make plans to "fix" it. That fix can be giving your painting a wash of white gesso so that the project can begin again or it can be a tweak of added colour here and there with a wee bit of collage added to finish it off.

It was these 6"x6" gallery canvases that inspired Catherine to call upon other fellow artists in her area to join her in a new endeavour to get these small paintings in the hands of art collectors. Art by subscription is not a brand new concept; John James Audubon, renowned ornithologist and illustrator offered his paintings for sale by subscriptions which helped him gain enough funds to print his famous books. And individual contemporary artists often sell limited edition prints of their work. But Catherine had no intention to offer copies, prints or limited edition reproductions. It had to be original paintings for sale.

By calling on fellow artists with art for sale, Catherine would be able to offer the public a wider variety of styles with the intention that subscribers would not know who's artwork they would receive in the mail. "After all" says Catherine, "you don't order polar bear articles only from National Geographic. You trust their writers to serve up great articles on a wide variety of topics. It’s always a surprise."

Catherine's intention is to get subscribers excited about what they might receive in their next art delivery. "Become a kid again at Christmas and enjoy the surprise."

The artists offering paintings for sale at Art Delivered also realize that taste remains a large factor in the selection of art for anyone's home. To satisfy this concept, the Curator at Art Delivered sends each new subscriber a link to an online survey where they can give the Curator a hint of what style of paintings they prefer. "It doesn't make sense to send Mr. Art Collector a floral painting if he's completely in love with mixed media. "This way the Curator can match up every subscriber with artists who paint in their preferred style.

We offer a wide variety of painting techniques and styles such as, mixed media art, watercolour painting, fiber art, modern abstract, representational landscape, contemporary, traditional, etc.

Catherine comments that "a couple of subscribers have even refused to give a style hint because they want to be totally surprised with their package every three months."

Subscription "issues" arrive every three months and at the end of a one year subscription the collector has a sweet collection of 4 small paintings. They can be hung together or spread out and hung in all those little nooks & crannies that have been endlessly difficult to decorate. Renew a subscription and continue collecting for yourself or to have on hand as gifts.

Imagine 4 original paintings from 4 different artists, delivered directly to you for only $50/quarter. Each subscriber gets a fresh delivery of artwork once every 3 months.

To have a look at some of the art for sale that could potentially arrive in your mailbox with your quarterly art subscription you can take a peek at a few samples in the gallery section of the Art Delivered website. Remember that some of these paintings may have already been sent to subscribers, these are just samples of the variety of paintings for sale that Art Delivered offers.


  1. I believe this will take off with the holidays

  2. Arthur, I believe you will be correct. This makes a GREAT Christmas gift. AND we promise folks buying for Christmas that we will Gift Wrap and add an Artist Gift Card with every Christmas delivery.