Thursday, September 27, 2012

Would Art Delivered make a good Corporate Gift?

Employees and valued customers no longer appreciate being branded like cattle with company logos on T-Shirts, Hats, Jackets, and even ill-fitting Socks.

Corporate marketing has changed radically in recent years. But one thing has not changed; it has always been a well known fact that "Word-of-mouth" advertising is one of the best methods of gaining trust and good standing with customers and staff. This has; and continues to be; proven with the multitude of Social Networking media opportunities that have become available to the public and to companies. The value to companies of happy staff and happy customers cannot and SHOULD not be ignored.

Yet, "Word-of-mouth" advertising can be lost in that plethora of social media. If your message is buried it will never be “heard". With Art Delivered this can change. Instead of branding employees and customers with logo-ed t-shirts which never fit and often become auto-repair-wear, companies will give a gift that is not only "one-of-a-kind" but is repeated 4 times in a year, reminding that individual of their value to the corporation. With a discreet gift of art through Art Delivered, recipients get delivery by mail of one small original work of art every three months. Chances are that these paintings will be hung on a wall and become a "Conversation Piece". People will find out about your company via word-of-mouth advertising. In addition it emphasizes that ABC inc. truly values that employee or customer as also being a one-of-a-kind contributor.

Art Delivered will, upon request, include a company message in each package delivered to remind the recipient who has sent the artwork and why. Art Delivered can also customize an art subscription, should the corporation prefer more frequent deliveries. And as usual each package of artwork will be a painting from a completely different artist every time, increasing your company's message of its uniqueness.

T-shirts fade, wear out and never fit right; art never fades, never wears out and always fits. It gives a good impression at all times and unlike some “logo-branded” people, art never misbehaves in public.

To order a corporate gift of art by subscription, fill in the form on the web site. Each form will accommodate 3 gift subscription registrations. You may use more than one form to register additional subscriptions. Companies may pay via paypal or certified cheque. And if customization is needed, just ask!

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